Transformational Breath & Yoga Retreats

A Balanced Approach

Living in the Flow – the state of unified consciousness

Breath work should  be used by as part of a systematic approach which encompasses other supportive techniques that serve as an additional container for integration.

— Rumi Tcholakova

Breath For Life is an energetic, creative, full-spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga and breath.


You  are empowered to experience Prana – the universal source of breath, life-energy and conscious intelligence.

You are invited to embrace Prana as the navigating source of your yoga practice and vital living.


Originally the Science of Breath was an oral tradition taught by skilled teachers to a selected number of people. They carefully monitored the physical, emotional and psychological health of their students as they experienced various stages of healing and transformation. Some of these practices can trigger strong physical and emotional cleansing, possibly resulting in unexpected side effects.

Yoga and Meditational practices are harmonizing the transforming effect of Breath work.


It is highly recommended  that one seek out the guidance of a competent breath facilitator before engaging in any breathwork practices.

Breath work and Yoga have powerful potential as contemplative practices and can have transforming effects on physical, mental and emotional health, your consciousness and  well-being.

Breath For Life is a complex  method of embodied transformation and radiant health

cultivating inner and outer Joy, vital energy and relaxed being! It is a way to ride the waves of breath, change and life rhythms  with love and living Life to it’s full potential.

Yoga and Transformational Breathing

I have been practicing yoga since many years. I am a yoga instructor  and I teach Pranayama in my classes. But working with Transformational Breath has taken my practice to a whole new level.

— Rumi

What is Pranayama?
And how does Transformational Breathing differ from Pranayma?

Pranayama is the fourth limb of Patanjali’s Eight – Limbed path- Ashtanga Yoga. It is made up of two words:

  • Prana – the Vital or etheric life-force energy that is subtle than air
  • Ayama – which means to stretch or extend

So Pranayama is the extension of the vital life force – Prana.


Through appropriate Yogic breathing the mind can be restored to balance and thus becomes a vehicle for true meditation.

Transformational Breath is a very powerful tool

for allowing Prana to enter your body (extension of the same vital life force) in much shorter time and thus tremendous changes in your life may happen even after just one breath – session.


Yogis who practice TB are often amazed at how powerful their TB experiences are. It has been referred to (in Yoga Magazine, October 2006) as a ‘’Pranayama for the 21st century’’ .


TB differs from yogic breathing techniques (pranayama) in a number of ways primarily because the aim of this technique is to bring about 100% usage of the respiratory system thereby in a session of 30 minutes bringing much greater levels of oxygen and energy into the body than would otherwise be experienced

TB is not a pranayama in the meaning of ‘breath control’, more accurately it can be described as a form of breath release

Instead of ayama, some texts say Yama (control)

However, TB could certainly be termed a form of Yoga in that it does facilitate the Union between the Mind, Body and Spirit.TB is often being used before a practice of Meditation to accelerate the connection with Self.


Most yogis who practice TB are amazed and delighted with the powerful results they get in real life and realise that TB is far from being simply ‘another breath technique. How wonderful is this!


  • After the session with Rumi I felt a connection with the Universe and life from all around me. I felt Oneness! I felt that I belong to the whole! I felt more understanding of myself and why I am here

    Bee BarthUSA

  • During the session I had lots of body sensations, and the feeling that blockages in the third and fourth energy centers are releazed. The concept of getting everything to feel whole and being healed gave me comfort and trust. I am a child of this Universe, born to be happy and to create! The feeling of thank fullness was very important – being loved and belonging to something bigger!

    Andrea DrostGermany

  • Transformational Breath sessions with Rumi have brought me calmness, peace and clarity. I am grateful to Rumi, because she is a professional facilitator and a great person. She brings tremendous level of trust and kindness in the group. I feel her very professionally and emotionally engaged with the practice. I feel secure, fully accepted and appreciated being guided by her.

    Elena GeorgievaBulgaria

  • The first word  that comes  to me after the session with Rumi  is… Happiness! I trust the Universe and I am not alone! Thank you!

    Carol TaylorCanada