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“Your Breath is a mirror of your life!
As your Breath flows, so your Life flows!
How does your life flow?”

I was born in Bulgaria, the country of roses, but my dreams led me to the paradise of Costa Rica where I found my new “home”. I travel worldwide to share my life experiences.

I spent over 20 years as a director of my own very successful business in the competitive material world. This allows me easily feel empathy and understand very well my business clients, most of them on leading positions and being under constant pressure and stress.

After many years of searching the purpose of my life, I dedicated my heart to teaching Yoga and Transformational Breath® , which I call today the magic keys to the doors of our Wellbeing, Health, and Inner Peace.

I was trained with internationally recognized teachers like Dr.Judith Kravitz- USA- Transformational breath; Annand Sharabi and Annand Meera- Tantra and Kundalini yoga- France; Shiva Rea ,Twee Merrigan – Prana Vinyasa Yoga – USA; Rachel Hull, Anna Smallwood – Shakti Spirit Yoga – Australia; Snatam Kaur , Sat Santokh Singh Khalsa – Kundalini Yoga, Chanting; Deva Premal and Miten – Tantra and Chanting , Guru Made Sumantra – Reiki Healing and others.

My clients come with many various issues including: respiratory problems, stress, anxiety, depression, low self esteem, addiction, abuse, trauma, lack of focus, physical problems – sleeping problems – apnea, lack of energy, headaches, diseases like cancer, heart problems or simply because they would like to enjoy and nurture their life and stay in good health and harmony.
My receptivity to Body, Mind and Spirit allow for deep connection with those I guide on their personal path to growth.
I naturally create an atmosphere of trust and, above all, self-confidence to discover your own potential and help you finding your unique gifts and creating your dream life!
I am dedicated to supporting you in your personal evolution, inspiring and showing you the techniques and ways for setting your own goals and then following the path towards reaching them.

My gift is to help you access your own power, wholeness, and inherent perfection and help you stay in balance and joy. This powerful process of transformation is connected with creating space and setting and appreciating boundaries.

As a holistic life coach, certified Transformational Breath® facilitator and trainer and a Tantra and Kundalini yoga teacher I provide private and group breath work sessions and workshops and private yoga/meditation classes in Bulgaria, Costa Rica and other countries and organize and lead Retreats and Seminars worldwide. My events will assist you step by step to start living your life effectively in the Here and Now.
Because of my personal experience in life I strongly believe that everybody can live their dreams and all we need is to realize our unlimited potential that lies within us and find the trust and freedom to live an authentic life.
There is great potential in each and every one of you, a quality, a very special style, a gift that makes you really unique and this is your identity and special beauty.
Together we shell discover how that can be lived and expanded in a very personal way, thus creating balance and distinctiveness in your life.
Through the transformative techniques I am offering, you will learn many practical tools for self-discovery and self-help, that can be easily integrated into your daily routine and used in your private and business life.
I invite you to stop, breathe and just Be.
I invite you to learn how to open to receive the gifts we all deserve.
I’m grateful to accompany you on your path …

I work with my clients to achieve positive and lasting change in the areas of physical, emotional and spiritual health. After researching and studying lot’s of modalities for the past decade I’ve now accumulated a number of highly effective tools which induce powerful shifts in terms of self – knowledge and the clearing of physical and mental – emotional blocks. Most of my work takes place residentially on a one-to-one basis for periods of between 3-14 days.


I work in Montezuma, Costa Rica, in an environment, which provides the perfect context for this kind of work- Life energy and Untouched Pure Nature.


I also hold regular client sessions, workshops and seminars in Bulgaria, famous for it’s beautiful mountains and fragrant roses.


If you have the desire to live your Dream life, clearing out the old unhealthy patterns of behaviors, which do not serve you well any more, open to discovering more about your True Identity and give space to your unique personality, I am truly passionate about offering you a very transformative set of tools, which you will use on a daily basis to nurture your life!

— Rumi

Rumi’s Specialties

Transformational Breath

Combine The Healing Power of Nature with the Ancient Knowledge of Yoga and the Art of Transformational Breathing


Breath For Life Yoga

Breath inspired journeys that offer a complete spectrum (ha-tha) of rythms from meditative and rejuvenating to challenging and empowering

Breath & Yoga Retreaths

Situated in some of the most beautiful parts of the world, breath & yoga retreats combine travel with a personal rebirth.



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