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Prana Green Mountain Retreat in Vitosha, Bulgaria

Vitosha Mountain, Sofia, Bulgaria

Create an inspiring relationship to your life!

Our elegant private Villa Shakti, just minutes away from the forest, caters to just one couple at any time, or two /if you would like to come with  friends /allowing us to focus all  our attention on creating your perfect vacation retreat experience.

It is situated at the foot of beautiful Mountain Vitosha, just 20 minutes away from Sofia city center and Alexander Nevski Cathedral. Waking up in your king size bed you will enjoy the view of the green peaks and the bright colours of paragliders flying high up in the sky. The colors of the forest are changing beautifully each season – from gentle green with flowering white, pink and yellow trees and shrubs in spring,through mature green with wonderful wild multicolor flowers and the unique aroma of the flowering roses in summer to the breathtaking symphony of colors in autumn, that  may invite you to start creating a new painting of your life-story.

Being away from the everyday responsibilities of work and family life will give you the space and time to experience a deeper level of connection.First with your inner Self, which we often neglect.

You will learn how to use the Power of Breath to clear the Subconscious and heal yourself- physically,mentally,emotionally.

Our focus will be on helping each of you explore the dynamics that are unique to your Personality. We will listen to what you each have to say. We will listen without judgment and encourage you to go deep into your hearts.And discover that you have all answers you need within…..

We will help you understand more about yourselves as individuals, we will help you discover your True Nature ,that is love and share it with each other and the world.

With new understandings, you will be able to live a healthy and  inspiring life.

You will be more hopeful, more caring and more respectful of your individual and each other’s needs.

You will have a deeper understanding of what is happening in your life

and you will begin to develop a greater capacity to understand your emotions, knowing that neither of you is right,nor wrong.

Practice morning yoga in our private yoga studio or outside on the deck ,or in the garden. Meditate in the crystal fresh air , swim in your private swimming pool,or enjoy your Jacuzzi or Sauna in the quiet evenings . Go for a walk in the forest just minutes away from our Villa-maybe climb up the mountain ,enjoy the stone rivers and the view of the city from the top and go to Cherni vrah – the highest peak of 2290 m. Or just simply relax in the garden and drink a glas of wine or fresh juice .

We are delighted to organize for you any of the many possible excursions- to Boyana waterfalls, Boyana chirch which is Unesco heritage, horse riding tour,Beautiful one day excursions to the famous Rila closter or to 7 Rila lakes and many others.


Rumi Tcholakova

Rumi TcholakovaCertified Transformational Breath Facilitator

Rumi Tcholakova is a Certified Transformational Breath Facilitator (CTBF) trained directly by Dr. Judith Kravitz. With over 25 years as a director of her own business, Rumi can attest to the pressures imposed by the professional world. Though by all outward appearances a successful business-owner, Rumi found her high-powered job to be lacking in creative expression. Rather than the old way of performing, pretending, and suppressing, now is the time to Be Real!

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What's included

– Two weeks- 14 days ,13 nights

– One week- 7 days ,6 nights

– Weekend -3 nights,four days

Please note

This Retreat is booked according to your convenience and our availability. If you are able to come midweek, you will have more choices, as the weekends tend to fill up more quickly.

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