Transformational Breath & Yoga Retreats


March 25 – March 26

Presence of Breath™ (POB)

Presence of Breath (POB)Is a Dynamic weekend that highlights two very powerful integrative tools that will change your life. This potent Breathwork event gives you insight and awareness into a deeper understanding of your self and your world. Allowing profound healing and changes to take place at the causal level.

Judith and Michael Presence of Breath™ offers four full Transformational Breath® sessions. Transformational Breath combines full connected breathing with sound, hands-on work, invocation, and movement to integrate and transform at the deepest levels of our being. Read More




October 7 – October 8

Reclaim Your Breath™ (RYB) – Transformational Breath®

Reclaim Your BreathYou will EXPERIENCE the technique of Transformational Breath® with 4 full breath sessions guided by skilled and certified facilitators of the Transformational Breath Foundation—the largest breath school on the planet today.

This Weekend Seminar will give you an overview of the 3 levels of Transformational Breath: Physical, Mental/Emotional, and Spiritual. You will also learn how you can take this technique with you to practice wherever you go to accomplish whatever you want! Read More






October 12 – October 17

Transformational Breath®: Personal Transformation Seminar

Personal Transformation SeminarExplore the secrets that lie within you and your breath. Discover the potential that lies within you like you have never experienced before!

In this 6-day program you will depart from the shores of everyday life and travel into a magical realm of inspiration and celebration. Guided by expert trainer and former monk, R. Christian Minson, you will embark on a journey that will take you through rituals of transformation on an exploration of your grandest inner desires, and then return with a powerful new relationship to life and your own power to sustain your inspiration. Read More




October 20 – October 26

Transformational Breath® – Level IV A

Transformational Breath® - Level IV ATransformational Breath®: Facilitator Training (Level 4A).
This 7-day event is the continuation of the Transformational Breath experience for those who:
-desire to become facilitators of this work,
-as well as for those who just want to go deeper into their own understanding and practice of Transformational Breath. Read More

Our workshops last from 3 to 4 hours

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