Transformational Breath & Yoga Retreats


Breath Workshops are a powerful tool for transformation, healing and reconnection to the true

essence of who you are. For thousands of years, mystical traditions of the world have utilized

breathing techniques for healing and awakening to higher states of consciousness. The process itself

is very simple and pure. A circular, connected, breathing rhythm will take you into self exploration

and non-ordinary states of consciousness.




With your “Higher Self” guiding the process, each session is unique to where you are on your life’s

journey as old wounds, imprints, beliefs and dysfunctional patterns are released. A “transformed

you” will experience the mystery of who you are.

The breathing process is highly experiential and the healing wisdom will stay with you long after the

day’s journey.

Our workshops last from 3 to 4 hours

 To book your place contact Rumi


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